Why Would A Dead Girl Lie?; A 13 Reasons Why Review

‘Hey. it’s Hannah.’ It is the line that started everything. From that very first moment you heard that line, you know that you’re hooked. Hooked on the mystery that is about the unfold. Hooked on the story that is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Hooked on Netflix’s newest TV series called ’13 Reasons Why’.


For those people who hasn’t heard about ’13 Reasons Why’ (I’m sure everyone’s heard of it, otherwise you’re probably living on Mars) let me give you a short synopsis of the story. 13 Reasons Why starts with the main character, Clay Jensen, who finds a mysterious box on his front porch. Inside the box he finds cassette tapes recorded by Hannah, a girl who has recently taken her own life and whom Clay has a huge crush on. On these tapes, she explains the 13 reasons why she committed suicide and how the people mentioned on the tapes are somehow responsible for it. All they had to do was listen to the tapes in sequence and pass it on to the next person on the list otherwise their deepest, darkest secrets will be exposed. Throughout the entire series, you’re following the narratives of both Clay and Hannah- Clay in the present where you’re listening to the tapes trying to piece everything together and Hannah in the past where you’re experiencing what she’s experiencing that made her do the thing that she did.

This show touches on “uncomfortable” topics like teen suicide, bullying, rape and assault. It definitely makes you feel for the characters especially when you imagine yourself in their shoes experiencing what they were experiencing. There were even some scenes that were uncomfortable to watch and in a way I like that about this show because they show things like suicide and rape in a very real and raw way and they sure as hell do not sugar-coat anything but everything is done in a very tasteful and it definitely sends a message across to the audience.

The choice of the casts were so well-chosen and I like that they didn’t choose hugely popular actors and actresses to fill in the roles because I felt that it will take away a little bit from the character. Katherine Langford who plays Hannah Baker did an incredible job especially considering the fact that this was her first acting gig. As someone who has never been bullied or really gone through the experiences that Hannah has, the way Katherine portrayed the character made me feel like I’ve been through what Hannah has been through. I could feel her pain and struggle and understand how lost, confused and alone she felt and I honestly couldn’t have thought of anyone who could portray the role of Hannah better than Katherine did. I also like the how the editor played with the coloring of the scenes to show the difference between before and after Hannah died. Like how in the scenes before Hannah died, the colors used were always warmer which sort of depicts how Clay’s life was a little brighter and sunnier with Hannah around but after she died, the colors switched to cooler and more blue-toned which symbolize that now Clay’s life was a little gloomier now that she’s gone. I guess that was what the editors and the directors were going for or maybe it’s just my filmmaker brain applying meaning to the smallest details.

For those people who has yet to watch 13 Reasons Why, I highly recommend you to. Not only because its good TV but throughout the entire series, the show brings up a lot of good points and lessons that audience can take away from. As an audience it makes you think of things differently and it makes you look at things from a different perspective as well as make you more aware of the things that you say or do to people around you. I also like the fact that people who has felt or is feeling like Hannah can turn to this series and realize that they are not alone in this world and that they deserves so much better than they think they do.



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