Tale As Old As Time – A Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

I recently went to catch the much-anticipated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It was the one film that I have been very excited to see ever since the trailer premiered. As someone who is a huge fan of anything Disney especially the old, classic Disney films, I wasn’t going to miss watching this movie.

Initially I had my doubts on whether this live action movie will do the animation movie justice as nowadays there are tons of Hollywood movies out there like Maleficent, SNoq White  & the Huntsmen and Cinderella just to name a few, that inspired from classic Disney movies. Usually these films are not exactly like the animation but only inspired from the animation films. Even the Cinderella (2015) wasn’t exactly like the animation. Yes, the storyline was just like the animation movie but the feel of the film wasn’t the same as the animation. Thus before I saw the Beauty and the Beast movie, I expected it to be similar to the Cinderella movie but I was wrong.

The live-action Beauty and the Beast was exactly like the animation film and I’m not even mad about it. I love how they kept the music numbers from the animation movie. I absolutely did not expect Emma Watson to sing the ‘Bonjour’ song at the beginning. As someone who grew up watching lots of Disney animation movies, this movie definitely brought back all my childhood nostalgia.

Honestly, everything about this movie is pure magic. As someone who has a little experience in filmmaking, I now not only look at the storyline and the acting but at all the other aspects of filmmaking too like the music they use or the set design or the cinematography (I mean, I can’t help it) and can I just say, everything was on point. The sound design was done amazingly well, the acting was fantastic, the graphics was amazing, the music that they used suited the film perfectly and it definitely help bring the film into a whole other level. Before I move on, can we also please just take a moment to appreciate the graphics in the ‘Be our guest’ music sequence scene!  THAT SHIT WAS AMZING!!

But my favorite thing has got to be the set and the costume design. From the moment I saw the costume and the set on-screen, I immediately fell in love with it. It was all so beautifully made and designed. I love how magical and whimsical the set look and how it actually look so much like the animation movie. The costumes were all so stunning and it made me wished I was a part of the movie so that I could wear one of those pretty dresses. I don’t know, there’s just something really alluring and enchanting about the sets and the costumes.

I love the casting choices as well and how the actors basically look like the real-life version of the cartoon that we all grew up with. Emma Watson is the perfect choice for Belle. She’s basically born for that role. I honestly can’t even think of a more perfect person for that role. Can I also just say, how much I love that ballroom scene where Belle is wearing that iconic yellow ball gown and she’s dancing with the beast for the first time in that really beautiful and grand ballroom with ‘Tale As Old As Time’ playing in the background. That scene was pure perfection. That ballroom dancing scene has always been my favorite scene from Beauty and the Beast (it’s the most magical scene throughout the entire movie) and I’m so glad that I wasn’t let down in the live-action movie. I would replay that scene over and over again if I could. It was just beautiful. Can we also please take a moment to appreciate Dan Stevens and his wonderful chocolate-y voice that he lent to the role of the Beast. But I gotta admit that real life Dan Stevens is way better looking than the prince that turned into the beast.  Basically everyone was amazing in the film and the overall production of this movie is fantastic.

I would definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t seen this movie to watch it and even if you have seen it, go and watch it again because why not? This movie definitely brings back all the nostalgia for the older generation who have spent most of their childhood watching Disney animation movies on replay and the younger kids will definitely love this beautiful, enchanting musical. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney fan or not because either way, you’ll walk out of the cinema with a huge smile on your face.

Ratings: 4/5



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