Concerts Are My Happy Place

So Guns N Roses came to my country to perform a show and I’m mad that I didn’t attend. Instead of being at the concert squeezing with thousands of other people and rocking out to the music, I was at home listening to their songs on Spotify and wishing I could teleport myself to where I really wanted to be.

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves attending concerts. I love being amongst the huge crowd of people who are squeezing their way to the front trying to get a glimpse of their favorite musician while they’re performing. The thing is music has always been a huge part of my life and I’m the most happy when I’m listening to music. So being at a concert listening to my favorite band or artist live is basically what I live for. If there was a job that requires me going to concerts all over the world, I’m in.

My parents always complain that I spend too much money going to concerts because too them, it’s a  waste of money spending hundreds of dollars to enjoy two hours worth of live entertainment when I could have used that money on other things. But concerts are the one thing I would be willing to spend my money on because I know the experience will be worth it. This is not something that I can describe. I mean yes, I love going to concerts because I want to see my favorite bands or musicians live. But my love for attending concerts is way more than just wanting to see the faces of people whose music I love. I guess concerts are the only place where I feel like I could let loose of myself. It’s the one place where I’m not afraid to be totally crazy and wild. Its the one place where I don’t give a shit about what other people think of me. If  I want to dance like a crazy person, I will. If I want to sing at the top of my lungs, I will. Don’t even get me started on the atmosphere. To me the atmosphere is what makes the concert. The moment you reach the venue of the concert, you can feel the energy and the excitement in the air. The fact that everyone is there for the same reason as you are makes it a million times better.

There is just something beautiful about thousands of people from different walks of life coming together to one place to enjoy the music. Because that’s what concerts are about. The music. I mean nothing is better singing or screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs with hundreds and thousands of other people while you dance to the beat of the music as the glow from people’s cellphones illuminates the arena and the people around. I’m getting the chills and goosebumps as I reminisce past concerts that I’ve been to while writing this.

Being at concerts is one of my favorite things in the world. Its sort of like my happy place. It is the one place where all my problems will melt away the minute I step into the concert arena and the moment when the artist comes onto the stage, my face immediately lights up like those stage lights because I know the fun is about to begin. I know will always love attending concerts even when I’m old and grey. Even though concert tickets can be a little pricey but trust me, the experience that you’ll have is worth so much for than that.


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