Who Says Single People can’t Enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful human beings on the Internet. This is the day where love is in the air and couples are dressed in their nicest clothing, carrying gifts from their significant other whilst strolling down the streets hand in hand. It’s the day where all the single people out there are wishing they had that special someone to spend this love-filled day with. But Valentine’s Day is NOT just for the couples out there. We, singletons, should be able to celebrate this very romantic day too.

Even though Valentine’s Day is the day where people all over the world celebrate love, it doesn’t mean that we’re only allowed to celebrate love with our romantic partners as there are various different types of love. We can still spend this special day with our other loved ones like our family members, our friends or maybe even our pets! I mean, just because we’re single doesn’t mean we have to stay locked up in our own houses and eat our feelings away with a pint of ice cream while we make up scenarios of prince charming in our head. So here are some ways where we single ladies or gents can spend our Valentine’s Day:

1.Go out with your group of friends

While all your other attached friends are off eating at fancy restaurants, why not have some fun with your other single friends? You can all hit the town together and visit your favorite local nightlife spots and have a couple of drinks. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a single, hottie there. If bars and clubs aren’t your type of thing why not hang out at the mall or maybe have a singles-only party at someone’s house. Because why be miserable alone when you can have an awesome fun-filled day with a bunch of your closest friends?

2.Spend time with family

Often during our normal busy lives, we tend to forget to spend time with the people closest to us-our family. What better way to spend quality time with the family than going out for a meal together? I think people often forget how important family is and on this special day, why not tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

3.Embrace the single life

If going out is not your thing, why not embrace the single life in the comfort of your own home. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Why not spend your day catching up on your favorite tv shows or watch a movie you haven’t seen in awhile. Go crazy and order your favorite food from your favorite take out place, stock up on snacks for your movie night and pop open a bottle of your favorite drink. Take a relaxing bath, read your favorite book, listen to music. Just because you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

I think sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day sucks especially whenever you’ll step out the door, you’ll see one of those lovey-dovey couples all loved up. But being single on Valentine’s Day is honestly not the worst thing in the world. Just think of it this way, you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want because you’re single! For me personally, I’m not too bothered by Valentine’s Day because to me, it’s just another day. I mean, I’ve been alive for almost twenty years and I’ve never even had a valentine so I guess I’m the perfect person (I’m not) to advice people on how to spend the most romantic day alone.


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