Real Life Can Be Great But Movies Are Better

Movies and tv shows are basically two of the greatest love of my life. Well, I mean music and traveling are also the loves of my life but that is another topic. I mean there is nothing I love more than sitting in a dark movie theatre and watching a new movie for the very first time or cozying up on my bed and re-watching the same movie for the hundredth time. Even my mom says I spent way too much time on the laptop watching my shows.

I guess the reason why I love watching movie is because it’s a way for me to escape reality and live in a completely different universe regardless of how terrifying that universe may seem. I love how when you watch a movie the second or third time round, you’ll start to notice things about the movie or about the characters in the movie that you didn’t notice when you saw it for the first time because you aren’t too busy focusing on the plot. And there’s just something about living in another world and pretending you’re a part of that world (waddup little mermaid reference) is somewhat nice and comforting. I love how people are able to relate to movies in different ways. They either relate to the hero or the villain, depending on what they’re going through in their life, and sometimes they even imagine what their favorite characters would do if they were stuck in a situation or a problem. As for me, I like to imagine myself as one of the characters in the show because that way I’ll be living vicariously through them and I’ll be able to do things I couldn’t possibly do in real life.

I guess this love and appreciation that I have for movies and tv shows is what made me want to study film in school. That and the fact that I’ve always been interested in the makings of a movie. I mean who wouldn’t like to see the magic behind the crazy stunts that James Bond does or how the humans playing vampires on-screen are able to run at crazy high speeds or how Harry Potter is able to fly on a broomstick? Some people might argue that learning about the secrets behind the scenes spoils the magic but I disagree. I think its amazing how the people working behind the scenes are able to make things like someone scaling the tallest skyscraper in the world with only a pair of gloves that is able to stick on glass or falling down from an airplane and landing safely with a torn parachute not only seem real and believable but also badass. Honestly I don’t think people working behind the scenes gets enough credit for the work that they’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, being an actor is also a lot of hard work but so is being a stunt double or being a cameraman etc. I would know this because I’ve spent about three tiring and stressful years in film school learning everything about filmmaking and after those years, I’ve definitely appreciated films, movies and tv shows even more.

Films, movies and tv shows in general, are so much more than crazy stunts and huge explosions. It’s about the storyline of the movie, the cinematography, the music, the acting, the costumes, the visual effects, the editing etc that makes the movie. As someone who has a bit of knowledge in this area, I know how much time and work and research is being put into tiny details like the clothes the actors will be wearing and the type of music that is being used for certain scenes because if any of these details isn’t right, the whole movie/scene would just look wrong. I mean just look at Suicide Squad. That movie had a kickass casts and fight sequences but because the editing was so choppy and messy, it made the entire movie kinda confusing and difficult to follow.

Movies and tv shows have always been a big part of my life and will continue being a huge part of my life. I not only like the entertainment it brings but I also like appreciating the art of filmmaking. Sure, I love movies and sure, I have experience in the filmmaking aspect but honestly, I can’t see myself as a filmmaker in the future and it’s not because of the hard work, long hours with sleepless nights and the stress. I just can’t see myself as a filmmaker and neither can I see myself as an actress because lets face it, I can’t act to save my life which is why I take upon myself to write and talk to people (who would want to listen or read) about it.  Honestly I could go on for hours about movies and tv shows and characters etc but I’m not going to bore you much longer because even if I did go on writing about it, it’ll probably take you ten years to finish reading this post. So I’ll just leave you here.




One thought on “Real Life Can Be Great But Movies Are Better

  1. Hey! I really liked this post and can completely relate! I feel so much like you do about TV shows and films and I absolutely love watching the behind-the-scenes footage of how they made it, of course I love the gag reels as well but to me there is something so interesting and exciting about watching a film and then being able to watch how they made it immediately after! I just love it so much! And I, also, have decided to study film at school because of my interest in the art (I haven’t started sixth form yet but I’m so excited to learn loads more about film when I do), I also want to be an actress for a career so am interested in it because of that aspect. Thank you so much for this post, I really enjoyed it 🙂


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