Life Is Not Easy But The People Around Us Makes Life A Little Easier

This week was Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to the people around us. To be honest I don’t know much about Thanksgiving because where I’m from, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But I thought, in the spirit of giving thanks, this post would be dedicated to the people I want to thank the most, my parents.

My parents are amazing and wonderful human beings that deserves all the good things and love in the world. And I really couldn’t ask for better parents. They have given me the world but sadly, I don’t always appreciate them enough. My parents are not rich, in terms of financial status but they’ve worked so hard to provide me with a comfortable life and everything that I could have ever want. When I look around my room and at the things that I have, I realized that I’ve been very blessed. You know, whenever someone asks what I would like for my birthday or for christmas, my answer has always been “I don’t know”. Why? Because my parents have given me everything that I wanted. Looking back at my life, I’ve realized that my parents have always put my needs before theirs. They’ve sacrificed so much and have worked so hard to give me the life that I have and sometimes it breaks my heart that I don’t appreciate them enough and that I don’t see how much they’ve sacrificed for me.

It is so easy for us to compare what we have to others, be it our friends or our relatives and sometimes we spend too much time wishing we have what others have that we don’t always appreciate what we have. I know its human nature to envy someone when they have something that we want. I mean, there are still times and there are going to still be times where I’m going to be a total spoilt brat and want my parents to buy me things, not caring about their financial burden. But I think sometimes its good to stop and appreciate and be grateful for the things and the people that we have in our lives. Because I think the world right now needs a bit of light and kindness.



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