I Will Go Down With This Ship

I’ve started watching this TV series called ‘Once Upon A Time’ not too long ago and since then I’ve been OBSESSED with this show. All I want to do all day is binge watch this masterpiece of a tv show. Honestly, it’s not unusual for me to be so into a tv series that I spend majority of my time watching the show even though I’ve got other more important things that needs to be done. If there was a rehab for tv series addiction, I would have definitely checked myself in.

I blame the ‘Once Upon A Time’ writers for creating such amazing and compelling storylines for the characters. But I think main reason for me being so into this show is Captain Swan. Yes, I ship Captain Swan so fucking hard. When I’m not watching the show, I’m on tumblr and pintrest looking through Captain Swan related things. I definitely have a problem. But they’re just too cute. I mean, look at them!



I mean I don’t think there are any other TV ships that are better than Captain Swan. (Other than Castiel maybe). I think I need my very own Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. He’s just the cutest and the sweetest and such an old romantic but with a bad boy vibe. Ugh! I just can’t get enough of those two. Don’t get me wrong, the other ships like Snowing (I love how Ginnifer and Josh are also married in real life. Talk about fairytale) and Outlaw Queen are really cute too but Captain Swan just gets me feeling some kind of way and I blame Hook. He’s basically the perfect guy and totally my type. Plus Colin O’Donoghue, the guy who plays Hook is pretty handsome too. Wow, I sound like a crazy person who spends way too much of her time watching TV series and fantasizing and romantizing her favorite characters. No wonder I’ve never had a boyfriend.

Watching TV series is how I like to spend my downtime and its also a way for me to relax. Even my parents say I spend way too much time watching my shows and I don’t disagree with that. I still haven’t caught up with all the episodes of ‘Once Upon A Time’ yet and I always tell myself to take my time to watch it so that I don’t have to wait a week for new episodes to be released but the show is just too fucking good to not want to watch it episodes after episodes. Once Upon A Time is not the first TV series that I’ve been obsessed with and it’ll not be the last.

The thing that makes me sad is that sooner all later all the shows that I watch and love will eventually end, even though I just want them to continue making episodes forever and forever. When you start watching a tv series, it feels like you’re making a new group of friends and as the episode and season goes, it feels like you’re getting to know this group of newfound friends and their personalities and all their little quirks . But when that show ends, it feels like that group of friends all died in a car accident at the same time and now you’re left alone. Sure, you can rewatch the show again but its like reliving old memories. I don’t know how to explain it, but this video by Dan Howell is just too fucking accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MXSGKxJfvo

Anyway, is anyone out there obsessed with TV series like I am? This post is mandatory because I have too many feels about Captain Swan and Once Upon A Time, amongst other TV shows that I watch but no one I know in real life watches the same shows I do and this means there isn’t someone I can fangirl with when it comes to TV series.

Just look at him! Just look at them!  I can’t even!






Okay, I swear I’m done with posting Captain Swan gifs and pictures. Bye for now while I continue searching for more Captain Swan related things and crying at how perfect they are for each other.


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