Euro 2016 – The Outcome of Germany VS Italy

GERMANY BEAT ITALY IN THE QUARTER FINALS OF EURO2016!!! I’m so happy for my boys in the German National Team. You have no idea how stressed and nervous I was when I found out that Germany would be facing Italy so soon because I knew Italy were a strong team and Germany did not exactly have a good track record when it comes to beating Italy in competitive games/matches. But my boys managed to end the Italian curse and I’m just so damn proud of them.


They are my entire world

This was probably the most intense and stressful match I’ve ever seen and I felt like I was going to pass out from the high levels of stress and anxiety I was feeling throughout the entire match. I was so happy when Özil scored the first goal. (Correction: I was over the moon.) But then Boateng had to give Italy the penalty kick and the score was evened out. I was crushed at that point of time. And then there was the thirty minutes extra time but no one managed to score. Then my biggest nightmare came true-penalty shoot outs. Penalty shoot outs are the most stressful thing and my heart could not handle that amount of stress and anxiety. This was also the longest penalty shoot outs I’ve ever seen. It was so painful to watch players like Özil, Müller and Schweinsteiger miss the penalty shots. I think getting run over by a car or sticking needles in my eyes would be far less painful than that. But thank god, Neuer managed to save that last penalty kick from the Italian team and Hector managed to score the winning penalty.


Jonas Hector scoring that winning penalty. (My hero)


Neuer, my other hero of the night.

After the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve been through during that three hour long match, I’m so glad that Germany managed to pull through and win. But kudos to Italy for playing so well. Honestly, football is the only thing that could turn me into an emotional wreck. I’m not a very emotional person and I’m not someone who cries easily. But during the penalty shoot outs, I did shed some tears but the real waterworks started when Hector scored that winning penalty. I was shaking so much at that point and I was so proud of my boys that I started crying. I felt like a proud mom. After watching this match, I think I’ve just shortened my life by 10 years due to all the stress and anxiety (I know I’ve overused those words but its fitting) but it was all worth it.

Plus Gigi Buffon was in tears after Italy lost and seeing him cry just breaks my heart. He’s one of my favorite goalkeepers ever and I don’t like seeing my favorite players in tears. It’s just too much for me to handle.


keep your head up, legend. You did well!

You know, sometimes I wonder why I put myself through all these stress and hell. But the thing is, I’m a very all-or-nothing typed of person. I’m either really into something or not at all. And I guess sometimes I can get really intense or passionate when it comes to the things I love. But then the fight isn’t over yet! I just want to see Germany reach the finals and I want to see them win!! COME ON GERMANY!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!!



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